Client management

Keep it simple

  • Client details & notes
  • Active credits
  • History of all bookings
  • Billing & payment summary
  • Share forms & files
All relevant data from all your clients is available on the spot
Manage clients or members optimally
  • Simply add new clients and create an account for them directly
  • View and manage personal information and add notes
  • View credits or membership and keep track of all bookings, payments and invoices per customer
  • Create groups so you can easily schedule groups or give discounts
  • Link clients to trainers or instructors, so they can easily manage their clients
Track and guide your clients
  • Share files, such as workout or nutritional plans, with your clients
  • Share links, such as instruction pages or Google Drive and Dropbox links, with your clients
  • Create forms for yourself, e.g. an intake form for the first session
  • Simply keep track of your client's progress