We want to help every sports business

So we built Trainin.

A little bit about us

Nowadays, everything can be found and booked online. Also in the field of sports, this is becoming more popular, but we experience that it is not going fast enough. Trainers or sports clubs have trouble managing their business affordable and with ease and want to spend more time on what they love most: exercise or instructing and motivating customers.

Everyone should be able to manage their business

So therefore there is now Trainin, an online management tool for trainers, instructors and sports clubs to manage their business easy, effective and affordable.

We aim to provide clubs and trainers with the most robust, easy-to-use and affordable management software.

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  • 10M+
  • 2000+
    Trainers & clubs

Suggestions or interest?

We work hard at building our platform. Please drop us a line if you have any suggestion or are interested. We would love to hear from you!